ROLLARRAY<br>Roll-Deployed PV Array

Roll-Deployed PV Array

Renovagen’s unique patented technology enables entire solar arrays to be made rollable. This means that large solar power systems – of the order 100kW or more, can be deployed very quickly from a small transportable container, creating transportable power plants with 10 times more power capacity and much faster deployment than any existing products.

Key benefits include:

  • Save fuel costs – ability to replace diesel gensets in the 1kVA – 30 kVA range
  • High power spool-deployable arrays up to 100kWp – 10 times more power than existing transportable solar products
  • Fast deployment – in just a few minutes via vehicle tow

Key features include:

  • Embedded power cabling, pre-wired and pre-connected to the solar modules so that no additional manual connection effort is required upon deployment.
  • Innovative manufacturing process creates a rollable structure which protects the solar modules from tensile strains normally caused by rolling.
  • Structurally supporting tension-bearing layer which protects the array structure from wind loading and deployment loads.
  • Modular array structure which is resilient to damage and shading
  • Motorised spool for easy stowing and deployment