Renovagen Ltd was one of 14 companies invited by NATO to take part in the Smart Energy exercise at NATO Capable Logistician 2015, which took place this month in Hungary. The exercise included 1700 troops from various NATO countries and over 600 pieces of equipment and covered all areas of military logistics – including the Smart Energy initiative to which we were attached. Our latest Roll-Array Multi-Gen system was deployed, providing power to camp grids, tents and specific items of equipment in various locations at the exercise. In total we completed 20 deployments of the rollable PV array – typically in different locations every day. We were extremely pleased with the mobility demonstrated and the energy performance of the system – PV generation times as early as 5.30am and as late as 8.30pm illustrated the low-irradiance performance of the CIGS PV array – and power-on in under 5 minutes of arriving at site was easily achieved.

NATO released this video featuring our product, based on one of the exercise scenarios in Hungary.

Renovagen Ltd now continues to make further product improvements prior to formal launch of the product. Any parties interested in collaborating in international pilot testing of this technology are invited to contact us.

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