Renovagen Ltd are in the final stages of development of a revolutionary portable solar power system – the Multi-Gen On/Off-Grid PV System-in-a-box with a unique patented rollable solar PV array – deployable in minutes for disaster relief, military and remote industrial applications. With batteries and PV inverters built-in, this system can be used just like a diesel generator and run stand-alone, grid-interactive or in hybrid with a diesel generator.

The Roll-Array Multi-Gen is a system delivered in a flexible form-factor for maximum global mobility. The system is based on an air-pallet sized container (within 463L dimensions) which can also be trailer mounted or shipped in ISO containers (4 systems fit in a 40ft ISO container).  With bi-directional fork pockets and lifting rings, flexible transportation options via flat-bed truck or other methods is easy. Systems configurations range from 9kWp – 18 kWp PV and 5kWh-53kWh battery capacity – single or three-phase. With parallel system coupling (currently in development), larger micro-grids up to 300kW or more can be deployed extremely quickly.

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