Renovagen, the leading UK startup in commercial-scale portable solar power systems, has fully funded a £1,000,000 equity investment pitch on the leading UK crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube.

The investment will be used to fund go-to-market costs for their innovative “Roll-Array” portable solar power solution, which consists of flexible, rollable, transportable solar farm units with integrated energy storage. The technology enables deployment of large solar power capacity much more quickly than competing methods – 18kW from a small trailer unit within 2 minutes or up to 300kW from a shipping container unit in less than an hour. The “plug-and-play” design makes it easy to use without requiring solar engineers on-site – a key benefit for deploying in the remote locations for which the solution is targeted – such as in disaster relief and humanitarian aid, military and mining industries.

The company also recently announced signing of a £400,000 demonstration contract.

Renovagen’s crowdfunding pitch video can still be viewed online on vimeo:


Media and Investor contact:
John Hingley
Managing Director, Renovagen Ltd
Tel: +44 1908 766349