This week we are exhibiting at the invitation-only United Nations Technology Fair at the UN Support Base, Valencia. We were short-listed from a large number of suppliers to attend the event and it has been a great opportunity to meet a wide range of contacts from around the UN who are interested in innovative technology solutions to improve deployed humanitarian operations.

The UN Secretary General released a letter stating: “The global technological revolution offers immense opportunities to help and support UN operations. Technology is a vital enabler for the success of our field missions; it is changing the face and pace of peace operations. New and evolving technologies also help us to reduce our impact on the environment by eliminating waste and generating green energy. United Nations missions are reliant on essential technologies in implementing their mandates, and in their support and operational activities. We can only perform our work efficiently and effectively when we have the best possible tools for the job. As our mandates become more complex, and as our operating environments become more volatile and dangerous, we must continue to modernize, transform, and innovate.”

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