This month we have launched our new FAST FOLD man-portable solar power system – the most power you’ve ever seen before in a package that can fit in the back of a car! The system consists of FAST FOLD Solar Mats which operate in conjunction with the FAST FOLD Energy Hub Peli Case. Up to 3.2kWp of solar, 10kWh energy storage and 3kVA AC output is provided in a compact and robust housing.

The key benefit of this system is the very high level of portability and flexibility to transport the unit in a variety of different vehicles or by air. Even for such a compact system, it delivers enough power for a small field headquarters or core of a disaster response camp – to provide power for communications, lighting, phone/radio charging and other essential loads. The flexibility of the FAST FOLD solar mat to be deployed on the ground, or on top of structures (e.g. roofs, shipping containers etc) means that it can be used in almost any envisaged scenario.

The FAST FOLD is available now. We have sold systems to projects in India, Kenya and other international locations and look forward to receiving your enquiry!

For more details see the product page here and the video below, or contact us at



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