Renovagen Ltd today announces our expansion with the establishment of our first international operation of our own in the USA – in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – to serve US and connected markets in the Caribbean and the Americas. Renovagen has been monitoring and pursuing opportunities in the region for a number of years – and following the win of our first major customer in USA – is now making a definitive commitment to this market.

The plans for this expansion include:
* Establishing a subsidiary company in Florida to act initially as a sales/distribution operation for our products. This will simplify the purchase process for USA customers so they don’t need to be concerned about import processes and costs. Florida provides an ideal location for serving Disaster Response capability to SE USA and the Caribbean.
* Considering the possibility in future of setting up an assembly operation when volumes require it, in order to deliver a “Made in America” product.
* The Managing Director of Renovagen Ltd, John Hingley, is relocating to Florida to personally drive this expansion effort. John will continue to run Renovagen Ltd, delivering on all his current responsibilities as Managing Director and splitting his time between the USA and the UK.
* Colin Miller will become a Director of Renovagen Ltd and take on some additional responsibilities at the UK office, as well as continuing to drive business development across Europe, Middle East and Africa as he has done successfully over the last 2.5 years.
* We now have a USA specification FAST FOLD system design capable of delivering the 60Hz/115V electrical output required in USA, Canada and much of the Caribbean and Central America. The first USA specification system is in production and will be delivered to our customer soon, along with an in-market demo system to help drive business growth.

For a small startup business in the UK, serving projects in far-flung and varied parts of the world – usually outside of Europe – is challenging, so taking this opportunity to expand our presence with a regional hub in such a key location is vital. The combination of this approach with the right distribution partnerships for specific countries within each region will help ensure our success.

John Hingley
Renovagen USA
+1 239 238 5490