Rapid Roll "T"

The Rapid Roll “T” trailer/tactical version provides an extremely mobile solution which can be airlifted by a wide range of medium and heavy-lift helicopters (gross weight from 1,500 kg) but packs enough power for energy intensive operations. Easily mounted on an on-road or off-road trailer or flat-bed truck, the Rapid Roll “T” provides many options for deployment to practically any global location imaginable. With simple deployment in just a few minutes without needing solar engineers onsite, it provides a practical solution for humanitarian and disaster relief, military, mining, events, film production and other temporary power-hungry operations in remote places which require equipment mobility.

The size and weight of the Rapid Roll “T” when trailerised (2,000kg – 3,000kg total trailer weight) also makes it easy to tow with standard 4×4 vehicles and it fits on a number of commercial air freight pallets or 463L military pallet and so becomes extremely easy to transport internationally very quickly. Easy handling is facilitated with bi-directional forklift pockets and lifting rings.

The 2017 Rapid Roll “T” now has an insulated composite construction which provides improved performance in a wide range of environmental conditions. A built-in environmental management system provides passive cooling to electrical components only when required – minimising parasitic energy consumption.

Rapid Roll “T” models can be configured with independently variable solar and battery capacity. Models are designated, for example, RAPID ROLL 11\48 – indicating 11kWp solar capacity and 48kWh battery capacity. Rapid Roll “T” systems are available in single or 3-phase, 230V/400V 50Hz or 120V/208V 60Hz variants with grid-connect or HyPER-FST options. Optional remote access and monitoring is available.